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ESG Review Programme

The Dermatology Partnership has undergone the Sustainable Advantage ESG Review Programme covering the below areas.  A tailored ESG action plan has been created and shared with the ESG committee for implementation with target score set.  For more information, see below:

ESG Review Programme

The Dermatology Partnership are aware of our responsibility to do all we can to halt climate change in line with the recommendations of the UK Government and the IPCC. As part of this strategy, we appointed Sustainable Advantage, a leading ESG consultancy with a specialism in Net-Zero, to advise the Board across the whole of ESG, including Net-Zero.

Key points from our Net-Zero programme are as follows:

1. We have chosen May 2022 as our base year and are underway with our emissions calculation. Sustainable Advantage has confirmed that we will have our baseline carbon emissions figure by 31 October 2022.

2. All calculations are undertaken in line with the GHG Protocol with emission factors coming from: Our calculations include Scope 1 and 2 as well as the following Scope 3 categories:

    1. Cat 1: Purchased Goods and Services
    2. Cat 2: Capital Goods
    3. Cat 3: Fuel and energy-related activities
    4. Cat 4: Upstream transport
    5. Cat 5: Waste
    6. Cat 6: Business travel
    7. Cat 7: Home working, employees and patients commuting
    8. Cat 13: Downstream leased assets

Given the nature of our services, we will exclude the following categories as they are not applicable:

    1. Cat 8: Upstream leased assets
    2. Cat 9: Downstream transport
    3. Cat 10: Processing of sold products
    4. Cat 11: Use of sold products
    5. Cat 12: End-of-life treatment of sold products
    6. Cat 14: Franchises
    7. Cat 15: Investments

3. We will be applying the Science-Based targets methodology/framework to ensure our emissions glide path meets the Paris Agreement goals following aligning to the 1.5 degree pathway targets. We will seek Science Based Targets accreditation later this year as part of their SME category.

4. Our key milestones/targets are as follows:

    1. At least a 50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030
    2. We will offset Scope 1 and 2 emissions to be carbon neutral by May 2023
    3. Become Net-Zero by 2040 by offsetting any residual emissions using high-quality nature-based carbon removal offsets

5. Sustainable Advantage and the management team are finalising our carbon emissions reduction programme, including environmental management measures, which include at a high level:

    1. Procuring all electricity from renewable sources
    2. Exploring the option of green gas where cost-effective
    3. Rolling out a staff energy awareness campaign to minimise energy use
    4. Where we procure CAPEX, ensuring that energy-efficient CAPEX is given preference
    5. Where we move into new premises, selecting premises where the landlords are carbon aware and, if possible, using green leases
    6. Encouraging staff to use public transport, carpool or cycle to work
    7. Sourcing goods locally to minimise upstream transport
    8. Reviewing our single-use plastic use and reducing it/switching to more sustainable alternatives where possible
    9. Engaging suppliers and requesting relevant carbon data on the goods and services they provide, working with suppliers who are carbon aware and reducing their own emissions
    10. Diverting waste from landfill
    11. Ensuring we continue to embrace Teams and Zoom to limit business travel. Where travel is required, using public transport where possible


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