Say goodbye to broken veins, spider veins and rosacea


Say goodbye to broken veins, spider veins and rosacea with lasers and IPL treatment

It’s not just lines and wrinkles women worry about these days, as research into the growing popularity of treatments for veins and rosacea has recently proved. Conditions such as spider veins, broken veins and rosacea are incredibly common skin issues that affect a massive 1 in 10 people in the UK alone. These common but often irritating complaints can actually be eliminated very easily with the help of laser and IPL treatments, many of which are performed here at St. Michaels Clinic in Kent.

So what causes these unwanted red and purple veins to become so noticeable under the skin? Broken veins are essentially small blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin; they can often be found on the face as well as various areas of the body, most notably on the legs. These veins can also appear in erratic groups that centre from a single point: these are what we doctors nickname spider veins.

Rosacea, unlike spider veins, is a condition that often causes suffers to develop severe flushing or redness in the face. Other symptoms include tiny broken veins, spots, and even thickening of the skin, meaning sufferers have to take extra care. Winter is often a tricky time for rosacea sufferers, as the drop in temperature can affect the complexion further.

Sound familiar? Good news: all of these conditions and symptoms can be treatment easily with the help of laser and IPL treatments. And we now offer them ALL at St. Michaels Clinic!

So what does IPL mean?

Laser and IPL treatments, or Intense Pulse Light treatments to give them their proper name, use powerful light energy to gradually dissolve and destroy broken veins and can also improve the look of other skin issues such as discolouration, age spots, acne and fine spider veins. While IPL treatment can cause a slight tingling sensation to the skin during treatment this usually fully subsides quickly, making the treatment both quick and with minimal discomfort. A real WIN/WIN for sufferers.

Although IPL and laser treatments can cause some patients to experience minor discomfort, the treatment also offers patients some very big positives in return. The main plus to IPL treatment for spider veins and facial veins is that patients can combat the look of a number of skin issues in one simple cosmetic treatment. Sun damaged skin, acne scaring and uneven skin colouration can all be improved with the help of IPL treatment, which can vastly improve the condition of skin – for every complexion and skin type.

Many clinics and cosmetic surgeons offer IPL and laser treatments, but for the best results we strongly suggest undergoing your treatment with cosmetic professionals that understand these skin conditions well, such as cosmetic doctors and dermatologists.

Trained to have a greater understanding in how the skin works experts (such as our team at St. Michaels Clinic) really do offer the best courses of treatment for your specific needs, therefore providing you with a better end result.

Here at St. Michaels Clinic, we have a committed and select team of dermatologists and cosmetic doctors with backgrounds firmly placed in non-surgical treatments that aim to provide each and every patient with the best possible care and results. The team are dedicated to guiding you throughout your treatment process, from consultation, to treatment and even the aftercare. As a result, we have a number of loyal patients that return to our clinic for further treatment: which speaks volumes.

Find out more about Lasers And IPL

If you want to know more about laser treatments, you may benefit by seeking professional assistance. The expertise and qualifications held by our consultants allow us to offer the highest quality private dermatology consultations, treatments and skin surgery.

Dermatologists in London

Dr Alice Hudson-Peacock on IPL treatment

“IPL and laser treatments are one of our most requested and performed treatments – with good reason. The treatment can vastly improve the look of spider veins, acne and other conditions, especially when used of the face. As specialists in the Kent area, it’s only natural that many patients come to St. Michaels Clinic to seek their treatment. I personally believe finding the right cosmetic professional for your treatment is of the up most importance and as a result we do suggest to our patients to only trust experienced professionals to perform treatments like IPL vein removal and such.”

If you would like to investigate further what IPL and laser treatments are like with St. Michaels Clinic – or simply if you would like more information about the team or the treatment they offer – then book a consultation with us today.

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