Treating Hyperhidrosis with Botox® in Shrewsbury

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Treating Hyperhidrosis with Botox® in Shrewsbury

The sunshine being out is something to celebrate, but it can be an issue for many of us too. Some of us suffer from excessive sweating, such as hyperhidrosis. The summer weather can fill sufferers with dread as their body goes into meltdown over the heat, but this embarrassing condition can be controlled with the help of BotoxⓇ treatment.

Hyperhidrosis is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to relieve patients with their excessive sweating in order to reduce a patient’s embarrassment and self-consciousness in social situations. Hyperhidrosis treatment does this simply by injecting BotoxⓇ into the sweat glands to effectively block the glands and make it harder for sweat to perspiration, in the treated area.

Hyperhidrosis can be a confidence destroying condition that leaves many patients feeling unable to feel comfortable in social situations, especially in the summer months. Hyperhidrosis treatment gives sufferers a solution to their condition that can help them regain their confidence and join in on activities they once felt excluded from.

The treatment can usually be performed in just 30 minutes and requires no recovery time, making it the perfect solution for patients with busy lifestyles. Patients can sit the treatment at a time that suits their schedule without it having a huge impact on their daily routine. The results of hyperhidrosis can also be seen for up to 15 months following treatment.

Another positive to hyperhidrosis treatment is that it is an incredibly versatile form of treatment. Due to the injectable nature of BotoxⓇ injections, the treatment can be performed in a number of different areas of the body including the armpits, forehead and hands. This is a huge benefit for many patients as it means they can fight excessive sweating in a number of different parts of the body in one treatment.

Like all cosmetic treatments, hyperhidrosis treatment is not risk free and patients should be aware of these risks and possible side-effects before making the decision to have it. The risks involved with hyperhidrosis treatment are possible swelling, bruising and bleeding to the site of injection, the risk of infection and possible muscle weakness. These risks are extremely rare and are something you shouldn’t encounter in the hands of an experienced cosmetic professional.

We asked Dr. Alice Hudson Peacock, a cosmetic doctor at St. Michaels Clinic about picking a cosmetic professional when undergoing hyperhidrosis treatment. This is what she had to say:

“When choosing the right cosmetic professional to perform your hyperhidrosis treatment, it is clearly important that you pick a fully qualified and experienced practitioner. This will ensure that the results you gain are to a professional standard. I would also strongly suggest seeking the expertise of a practitioner with a background in dermatology, which will make for a better end result, as your chosen professional will have a greater understanding of the skin and glands.”

“At St. Michaels Clinic we have a team of cosmetic doctors and dermatologists that all have a background in dermatology, making it the perfect place to undergo your Hyperhidrosis treatment.”

BotoxⓇ injections are the perfect solution to hyperhidrosis. If you would like more information on hyperhidrosis treatment at St. Michaels Clinic, book your consultation today; call 01227 472288.

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