PDO Threadlift Treatmeant

PDO threadlift is a form of minimally invasive facelift. The benefits compared to tradional facelift include that a PDO treadlifts are much safer, far less costly and the downtime is shorter. The treatment is particularly useful to improve sagging skin of the lower face, where botulinum toxin and dermal fillers are less effective. 


PDO threadlifts give a better longterm result if combined with other treatments to stimulate collagen production and tightening of the skin, e.g. microneedling and platelet rich plasma. Good skin care and using medical grade cosmetic products (e.g. Neostrata) will also help enhance a good longer term result.


Patients will experience swelling, brusing and discomfort for around 2 weeks after the procedure. Normally any swelling has largely settled after 4-5 days and any residual brusing can be covered with make-up from around that time. Most patients are comfortable after 2 weeks, but occasionally a pulling sensation may be felt on certain facial movements, e.g. laughing. This always settles in time.


Once the swelling and bruising has subsided you should see an instant benefit. A longer term benefit derives from stimulation of the body's own repair mechanisms with collagen production around the treads. The threads are made of absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) which has been used as a medical suture material for many years. We therefore know that this is a safe material and any reactions to it are very rare indeed.


The procedure is carried out by Dr Keli Thorsteinsson, an experienced aesthetic practitioner and dermatological surgeon, who has carried out thousands of facial surgical procedures, including reconstructive surgery after skin cancer. The price of the procedure includes any aftercare you may need. Before the treatment you will be given a local anaesthetic and any discomfort during the procedure is usually minimal.


It is recommended that you take it very easy and avoid heavy physical work or  exercise for 4 days after the procedure and limit any such activities for around 2 weeks afterwards. 


The prices are vary according to your individual needs, starting at around £400 for smaller problem areas to £1800 for treatment of lower face and neck. 


if you have any questions about this treatment please contact us here.

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