Tattoo Removal

Some tattoos can seem like a good idea at the time but things can change over the years and you may want your body art removed for any number of reasons.

We use high-end Q-switched laser equipment which is generally considered to be the most effective treatment for removal of tattoos.

How it works

Laser tattoo removal works by pulses of high-energy light which penetrate the skin and break up the ink particles into smaller fragments which are then removed by normal body processes.

The treatment

Before treatment to remove a tattoo using the Q-switched laser can begin, it will be necessary to undertake an initial consultation and test patch. The consultation is required to assess the size and type of tattoo and the test patch is necessary to ensure the correct settings are used for the most effective treatment possible.

Consultation and test patch costs £50.

Full removal of a tattoo can take many months, depending upon the size and pigmentation of the tattoo. For optimum results and for the treatment to have full effect, we recommend intervals of 12 weeks between sessions. However, we will undertake sessions at 8 week intervals.
For patients in a hurry, we can undertake treatment at 4 week intervals, but this will require more sessions and is therefore a more expensive option.

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