Platelet Rich Plasma - (PRP)

PRP is a non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation, PRP treatment uses your own blood growth factors to simulate new cell growth and collagen to help improve your natual skin texture and colour as well as restore lost facial volume.


This treatment takes your blood and spins it in the centrifuge to isolate your plasma growth factors. Once that is completed we then re-inject it into the skin or infuse with microneeding. As we are using your body's own powerful regenerating fluids there are no risks of allergy or rejection of the treatment.


When the treatment is applied it will take up to three weeks to see results with ongoing improvements over the next few months.


PRP may be also beneficial in other areas such as hair loss and post-traumatic scars. It is also important not to delay start of treatment for optimum results.

We normally use our microneedling device to infuse the PRP into the skin - read more here

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