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Welcome to St Michael's Clinic Website - this page is for patients who have an appointment at the clinic to have their blood taken during the COVID-19 pandemic

Only patients who are shielding at home are being invited to the clinic for bloods to be taken - as the clinic has been designated as a "super cold site".  This means that we have not had any COVID-19 patients visit the site for care, our nursing staff who will be taking the bloods have been based at home for the last 3 weeks and that we will be observing strict criteria to protect patients when they attend the site (please see below the "What I need to know for my appointment" for details of what you will need to do when coming to have your bloods taken).


We are also restricting the number of patients who attend the clinic at one time, so that contact with others is kept to a minimum.


If you have any concerns then please contact us on

What do I need to know for my appointment

  1. Traveling to the clinic - you should only drive yourself or be driven by a person who is in the same house that you are shileding in. 
  2. You will have been contacted by the clinic with an appointment time. Please arrive at the clinic 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment, but try not to be any earlier that that.
  3. When you arrive you will be met at the car park and asked to confirm your personal details.
  4. You will then be asked to park in a designated area and wait in your car until the previous patient has been seen and has returned to their car.
  5. The nursing staff will then clean the room and surounding areas and will come and get you when ready.
  6. The nurse will then take your tempertaure (if your tempertaure is high, then we will not be able to let you enter the clinic and will advise that you contact your GP).  
  7. On entering the clinic, the nurses will take you to a prepared room and take your blood.
  8. After blood has been taken, you will be taken back to your car and it is suggested that you wait 5 minutes, to make sure you are feeling OK.  If at anytime you are not, then please attract the attention of the member of staff in the car park. 

Please do not attend the clinic if:

  • you or any member of your household are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19
  • you do not have an appointment booked at the clinic
  • you have not been advised to isolate for 12 weeks due to underlying health conditions
  • you are unable to get to the clinic driving yourself or being driven by someone you are isolating with

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