Leg Thread Veins

Varicose veins and thread veins in the legs can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. Varicose veins are swollen tributaries which have become distended when the valves in the main veins are not working properly, causing blood to fall back down the leg rather than pumping it into the heart. Thread veins are smaller versions of varicose veins and these small dilated blood vessels are extremely common but can be socially embarrassing and restrict clothing choices. Although commonly seen as a cosmetic problem, if left untreated some veins can lead to other complications including eczema, leg ulcers and swollen legs.

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Leg Vein Treatment

At St Michael’s Clinic we treat thread veins on the legs with microsclerotherapy, intense pulsed light, or laser. A combination of these may be used to achieve the optimum result and the best treatment option for you will be discussed during your consultation.

Sclerotherapy is a safe and well established treatment for thread veins on the legs. Although there are a number of alternative treatments, it remains the most reliably successful of them all. ​A sclerosing liquid is injected with a very tiny needle, very superficially into the veins, causing the lining of the vein to swell and become sticky. The body responds to this damage, causing the vessel to shrink and eventually dissolve. Compression hosiery (stocking) is then applied to close the veins. Over a period of time the vein will heal closed and fade away. Wearing the compression hosiery is an essential part of the treatment process. We use Sigvaris stockings as we believe they are the best in both appearance and function. The Sclerosing agent is used in tiny amounts and causes minimal discomfort, like a tiny pin prick. It is generally less painful than other injections or blood tests.

Laser and IPL treatment works by producing a powerful light which is absorbed by the area we are looking to treat. The laser pulses the light which generates short bursts of heat, this closes down the thread veins and the collapsed veins are gradually dissolved and removed by the body’s immune system over a couple of weeks. This treatment is most suited to small thread veins. The number of treatments needed, will depend on the site and the extent of the affected area. Small veins normally disperse just after 1-2 treatments at 6-8 week intervals. Larger areas of veins may need several sessions at 8 -10 weeks intervals. Often 2-3 sessions are performed and a wait period of 3 months is advised before the results are reviewed.

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