Laser & IPL Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment for both men and women and works by using a light source to destroy the hair. The light is absorbed by the melanin pigments in the hair, causing it to heat up and interrupt the hair growth cycle. Laser hair removal can be used to treat hair anywhere on the body, with the most popular areas being the chin, upper lip, legs, underarms, bikini line and back.

Our laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal treatments are safe for all skin types and colours and are suitable for anyone looking for long term smooth hair-free areas. The majority of our treatments are carried out with an IPL system. In patients with darker skin types, or for hairs in more difficult areas, one of our lasers may be more suitable. Your options will be discussed during your consultation and patch test.

The treatment is proven to effectively treat unwanted, pigmented hair on all areas of the body. The best hairs to treat are dark and coarse. The finer and paler the hair, the less reliable the treatment and the greater the number of treatment sessions required to achieve the desired result. Blonde or silver grey hairs do not respond to treatment much at all.

Treatment starts with trimming away the hair above the skin. Eye pads will be applied to give protection from the bright light. The IPL handpiece is used to deliver pulses of intense light to the unwanted hair follicles. A stinging or sharp snap sensation might be felt with each pulse of light. As the treatment is non-invasive no recovery time is required and appointments can be safely made to fit into the working day. Most clients need around six treatments to provide a satisfactory long term result. The number of treatments does, however, vary and fewer or more treatments may be necessary.

Actively growing hair follicles will be destroyed during treatment. However, the laser will only affect actively growing follicles and has no effect on dormant or ‘resting’ hair follicles. Therefore, it is always possible that new hair growth may take place in the future from the unaffected hair follicles.

The most common after effect of hair removal is redness of the skin that can last for a day or so. Because each individual’s skin responds differently we always carry out a careful pre-treatment test patch procedure to ensure that no unexpected reactions take place during a full treatment.

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